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Brazil is really like

Today, I came here to remind people around the world about Brazil. Brazil is where I’m from, and is totally different from what you see in movies like “Rio” or “The Simpsons” have shown. My country is normal, like any other, and people work hard, the children go to school, play and grow them receive a good education … we are not bad people, we are not thugs (of course there is crime here, but not is how you will be kidnapped tourists) do not live in forests, we have large and beautiful cities with buildings and homes, a great arquitetonica structure, we do not have carnival every day, we do not play football every day everywhere, and beyond addition, not all are good at football and I’m more horrible in football. We are not poor, it is clear that we have social problems that have been solved. Come to Brazil and have interest to learn our language and  to learn to sing “Girl of Ipanema” in Portuguese, guarantee is more beautiful in our language, learn our culture that is not only Carnival, we have much to show, we have beautiful places, and not just Rio, we have strong and beautiful people who know so much, we are musicians, doctors, artists, lawyers, filmmakers, writers. We are black, white, yellow, Asian, mulatto. We are who we are and I guarantee thatif you have to meet us will like. Thank you ! 

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